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Get Packed is a Sydney based and Australia wide supplier of SeleCTech shrink wrap machinery as well as Cryovac shrink films. We are a wholly owned Australian company that prides itself in providing a wide range of packaging machinery and packaginng materials as well as providing an entire service in packaging - by being your partnter in packaging. Contact us to consult on what best products will suit your needs.
The SeleCTech range of machinery has been manufactured by technology and engineering partners Shanklin Corporation and Sealed Air to provide economically priced shrink wrap machinery equipment. This has been achieved with performance in mind whilst being built robustly for Australian manufacturing.



All In One Shrink Wrapping Machine

SeleCtech 455 All In One Shrink Wrap Machine

The SeleCTech 455 is an effective All In One Shrink Wrap Machine with the L-Bar Sealer and Shrink Chamber being all in one easy operation. This machine will shrink both Cryovac Polyolefin shrink film (when your presentation is important) or PVC Shrink Film - which is great for all gift hampers. The sealing area for the 455 All In One machine is 420mm(w) x 550mm(L) x 225mm (h) and can fit a roll of shrink film up to 560mm width. The SeleCTech chamber machines use the latest in touch screen technology to change variable settings such as temperature and sealing time. It requires power of 240v, 15amps, 1phase.

Selectech shrink wrapper SeleCTech 680 All In One Shrink Wrap Machine

The SeleCTech 680 shrink wrap machine, like the 455 All In One Shrink Wrapper does the sealing and shrinking all in one operation because the L-Bar sealer and shrink chamber are all in one machine. The sealing dimensions of the L-Bar Sealer are 620mm(w) x 800mm (L) x 250mm (h) and can fit a roll of shrink film up to 785mm wide. Once again it uses touch screen technology to change the variable settings such as temperature and sealing time. It requires 3 phase power supply.

Selectech shrink tunnel and l-bar combination

SeleCTech Combination L-Bar Sealer and Shrink Tunnel 4-GPEKL-455MT &

We have two models of the combination L-Bar Sealer and Shrink Tunnel. One is a standard model and the other a pneumatic model - which uses air to bring the sealing arm down via a foot pedal which allows the user to keep both hands free. Both models have a power take away conveyor which tranpsorts the goods into the heat shrink tunnel after the L-Bar has cut the film around the item. The heat shrink tunnels allows for controlled temperature and directional air flow which improves the presentation of the packages.

SeleCTech tunnels come standard with active rollers through out and both models have the following specifications:

L-Bar sealing area - 00mm (W) x 550mm(L) x 150mm(H)
Shrink Tunnel is 400mm(W) x 200mm(H).
Power Requirements 415V, 3 Phase.

Automatic L-Bar Sealer and shrink tunnel

SeleCTech Automatic L-Bar Sealer and Shrink Tunnel 4-SLCT-FAL5645
This SeleCTech Automatic L-Bar Sealer and Shrink Tunnel has been engineered for use on a wide range of Shrink Films - including the Cryovac Technology (or CT range) of films with their micro-layered high performance. The sealing area of the automatic L-Bar Sealer is 565mm x 460mm with a maximum pack height of 120mm. The shrink wrap machine has maximum speeds of up to 30 packs per minute on small items and uses a machined hot knife sealing system which delivers a strong thin seal. A variety of heat shrink tunnels can be added to this machine depending on your requirements.




Selectech Side Seal High Speed Sealer
SeleCTech - Side Seal High Speed Sealer
The SeleCTech IM2SS 53 Side sealer uses an intermittent motion 2 belt side seal which will produce a thin and strong continuous seal. It hs been designed for high speed production with speeds up to 60 packs per minute.

Selectech shrink tunnel
SeleCTech Shrink Tunnel

The SeleCTech heat shrink tunnel FT4225 uses Shanklin Engineering along with Sealed Air technology. Being a medium duty and value priced model the main features of this tunnel include:

adjustable temperature control
adjustable belt speed
right to left product flow
easy access control panel
emergency stops for safety compliance
hinged gravity assisted product discharge idler rollers
Specs: Chamber size - 1000mm(L) x 420mm(W) x 250mm (H)
Floor space: 1200mm(L) x 670mm(W) x 1290mm(H)
Package Speeds - up to 20 packs per minute
Conveyor Speeds - 0-30m/min
Power requirements: 3 phase, 240V, 23A, 11KW, 60HZ (no neutral)

Selectech High Speed Shrink Tunnel
SeleCTech High Speed Shrink Tunnel
There are two models available:
T 3528 - 1200mm x 350mm x 250mm
T 4535 - 1700mm x 450mm x 350mm
This SeleCTech High Speed Shrink Tunnel uses a simple and dependable designfrom technology and engineering parnters Shanklin Corporation and Sealed Air. It has been manufactured with higher production in mind and is perfectly partnered with the SeleCTech Side Seal shrink wrapping machine.

Cryovac Shrink Films
Cryovac impact shrink film
Cryovac Impact Shrink Film
One of Get Packed's most popular films which is a market leading film is the Cryovac Impact Shrink Film (formerly known as D955). It features a superior gloss, clarity and sheen making it ideal for display and presentation packs. Impact film is abuse and puncture resisitant and ideal for retail situations where repeated handling in display and distribution can be a problem.
Impact shrink film is extremely tough with multi layered co-extruded crossed linked polyolefin produces high integrity seals over a broad temperature range. This makes it capable of running on various heat shrinking machinery and is available in centrefold film for L-Bar sealers - both automatic and manual - as well as single wound for form-fill-seal machines. It has excellent machinability for applications running less than 60 packs per minute.

cryovac CT300 shrink Film

Cryovac CT300 Range of Shrink Film
The CT300 range of Cryovac Shrink Films is a new ultra thin, high performance shrink film. It is has the same optics, clarity and unique combination or strngth, durability, tear and burn resisitance as thicker shrink films. The CT 300 has proven versatility over a broad range of shrink equipment, lower operational costs due to fewer unscheduled breaks for your workforce and improved uptime as well as a reduced carbon footprint due to its ultra thin structure. It comes in a variety of thicknesses widths and lengths:

  • CT301 - 7.5um (2667m/roll)
  • CT302 - 9um (2150m/roll)
  • CT303 - 10um (1905m/roll)
  • CT304 - 14um (1454m/roll)
  • CT305 - 17.8um - (1143m/roll)

Cryovac CT360 Shrink Film

Cryovac CT360 Shrink Film
The CT360 shrink film was previusly known as the Coretuff shrink film. It is a 70um plus thick film, giving that extra security when you need to package items that are heavy or have sharp edges. The CT360 is an ideal alternative to those other heavier mediums such as corrugate, heavy guage polyethylene, skin packaging and clam shells. It gives you a cost effective alternative that can be used as a primary shipping media whilst still looking grate to shoppers.

Cryovac CT501 Shrink Film

Cryovac CT501 Shrink Film
The CT501 is one of the latest releases from Sealed air and is based on micro-layering technology. It allows for perfect contouring of irregular shaped products. It is a soft film that makes wrinkles and 'dog ears' disappear and its versatility is forgiving across a wide range of equipment. The CT 501 is a 30 guage film which provides a 50-60 guage performance as well as operational gains with lower tunnel temperatures and longer rolls.

Cryovac D940 Shrink Film

Cryovac D940 Shrink Film
This is our friendliest film as it has low 'shrink energy', which means it will wrap your product without distorting, buckling or bending the product out of shape. This makes it ideal for products that are the hardest to wrap. The D940 Soft Shrink Film shrinks at extremely low temperatures eliminating any need for corrugated cardboard or chip board inserts for small unsupported packages whilst still providing optimum clarity and presentation. It has a multi layered co-extruded polyolefin with excellent machinability on all automatic equipment and produces high integrity heat seals.


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